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Core Team recruitment

As Vietnam is merging into the lane of globalization, its education system will need to gradually change toward liberal arts and focus on the development of critical thinking skill that benefits students in the long term. To modernize and liberalize the education is to empower our tremendous workforce, thus close the economic disparity between Vietnam and other countries. While we are seeing some of this effort happening in big cities such as Hanoi or Saigon, students in the Central Highlands (will be referred to as Tay Nguyen), one of the most under-developed regions of Vietnam, still face many constraints and a lack of educational opportunities.

Think On is a project aiming at promoting liberal arts education and critical thinking, as well as providing an international educational platform to high school students of Tay Nguyen in order to reduce the educational inequality and prepare our students for global environments.

Think On 2018 has made considerable impacts on high school students in Tay Nguyen and around Vietnam. The values of Liberal Arts Education and critical thinking has been delivered through 10-day camp by the hard work of 11 organizing members and 8 mentors from foreign countries.

Think On 2018 did successfully set up a firm foundation with a strong network of national and international supporters and reputation of a high-quality and international pioneering education summer camp in Tay Nguyen.

Read more about Think On 2018 here: //

Think On 2019 is going to carry on bringing educational opportunities to students and cultivating in them the ability to think big and think ahead.

By applying to be one of core members, you are about to dedicate to a community of youngsters who dare to think, to do and to take lead.


Think On is now finding for the new class of core team - core team 2019.


  1. Project Leader
  2. Head of External Relations
  3. Head of Publicity


  • 18-22 years old
  • Vietnamese nationality
  • Good command of both Vietnamese and English
  • Be able to commit to Think On till September 2019
  • Interested in education for underdeveloped communities and Tay Nguyen
  • Experience in running projects is a plus

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process will consist of 2 rounds:
  • Online application: 1/8 -26/8/2018
  • Online interview: 1/9 - 5/9/2018
The final results will be announced via email on 7/9/2018


1. Project leader
  1. Work with other core members to build content
  2. Involve in brainstorming, writing and managing Think On 2019 proposal, agenda and other documents required
  3. Navigate, grasp and manage the progress of project. Distribute tasks to keep the project running properly
  4. Moderate teams’ co-operation and provide support needed
  5. Analyze and work with core members to solve problems along the way
  6. Manage process of recruiting collaborators, mentors and mentees
2. Head of External Relations
  1. In charge of all legal documents of Think On 2019
  2. Involve in brainstorming, writing and managing Think On 2019 proposal, agenda and other documents required
  3. In charge of detailed budget plan and financial matters
  4. Seek for financial sponsors, legal sponsors, and guest speakers
  5. Participate in recruitment processes: collaborator, mentor, and mentee
  6. Co-operate closely with other teams, especially logistics team
  7. Occasional travel required
3. Head of Publicity
  1. Make plans to develop and manage fanpage
  2. Manage producing process of media products: information packet, travel brochure, booklet, backdrop, standee, etc
  3. In charge of seeking for media coverage from newspapers, organizations, potential sponsors
  4. Involve in brainstorming, writing and managing Think On 2019 proposal, agenda and other documents required
  5. Create and manage facebook groups for organizing team, mentors, mentees
  6. Participate in recruitment processes: collaborator, mentor, and mentee
  7. Write and manage emails of announcement, confirmation, invitation, thank you letters, etc
4. Benefits:
  1. Have opportunity and autonomy to think big, navigate and create values for the camp
  2. Gain first hand experience of running projects
  3. Develop essential skills such as leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, etc
  4. Expand network of social relationships
  5. Receive a certificate of completion after the camp

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